Live from Oslo Conference: Day One

From Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th, six of the CCLS, and Maria, are in Oslo for the 2011 ‘Child and the Book’ conference. This is our travel diary from Day One of the conference – most of yesterday was spent in transit, visiting the Vigeland Park in Oslo, eating tapas, and recovering from lack of sleep!

Highlights of Day One
    • 9.02: Breakfast at the local coffee shop: Apent Bakeri As. Coffee and bun=6 pounds. People in Lamborghinis come to buy orange juice that only they can afford.


  • 10.05: Walk around the City Centre. Visited the Nobel Peace Prize Centre to rehearse for the great day when our work is finally acknowledged.



  • 10.08: Admired the City Hall in its imposing half-Cambridge University Library half-Stalinist style.



  • 10.10: Walk by the harbour. An entire flock of sheep is slaughtered to pad the chairs in each bar.



  • 11.30: Spent the GMI of a small country on lunch.



  • 14.00: Arrival at Oslo National Library for beginning of conference. Enthusiastically shook hands with many people to whom we were introduced by HRH Maria Nikolajeva. The Cambridge invasion begins. Locals take it philosophically.



  • 15.00: First keynote speaker: Nina Christensen, on Anxiety in Nordic Picturebooks. We discover the intriguing work of Stian Hole.



  • 16.00: Free coffee. Rare enough to be mentioned in the land of extreme expenses.



  • 16.15: Incredible talk by keynote speaker, the talented, animated and funny Svein Nyhus, Norwegian author and illustrator. One of us notices that he looks like Gargamel from the Smurfs, and tells him. He takes it remarkably well.



  • 17.00: Reception with free and delicious food. We meet more participants from all around the world (26 countries).



  • 17.36: We all meet Svein Nyhus who draws us a picture, quickly followed by other illustrators present:


More to come tomorrow, with the first presentations from our group…

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