Live from Oslo Conference: Day Two

Hello faithful readers! Here is the second instalment of our adventures in Nordic lands. Today, more fun was had, as we shall now recount!

    • 7.00. The Great Breakfast Crisis. Good coffee shop at corner of the street is CLOSED. We set off valiantly in search of coffee and sustenance. Instead, we find the metro station. It is actually the wrong metro station.


  • 7.30. We finally find the right metro station, and meet a lovely person from the conference called Silje who happens to read our blog. Thank you, Silje! Hello! (if you’re around). Ultra fast train takes us to the Blindern Campus of the University of Oslo, as modern and transparent as our Faculty of Education.



  • 7.35. Cafeteria is closed. In desperation, we head to a vending machine in the basement. Kafkaesque moments follow. Coffee machine does not work. Food vending machine goes insane. Erin’s money gets absorbed for nothing, whilst Debbie gets two cereal bars and an extra 50 kroner. However, they get stuck and Faye has to dislodge them forcefully using Chinese martial arts.



  • 9.00. First session. Erin heroically delivers the first conference paper on an empty stomach and is acclaimed. Very interesting papers, very well moderated – national identity triumphs all around the world. We learn much about the Norwegian royal family.



  • 10.30. Coffee break and marble cake. Faye has ten pieces (she protests: only five). Cosmopolitan and academic conversations with scholars from all around the world.



  • 11.00. Second session. We split up and listen to Feng’s and Lingling’s talks on Chinese national identity and visual literacy. Meanwhile, Feng’s daughter is being an angel at the back of the room.



  • 12.30. A slap-up lunch is provided, as well as marvellous company, in the canteen.



  • 13.30. In the young adult session, Debbie provides a way out of hell with John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura’s Young Inferno. She is preceded by a great account of rape myths in YA, and another fascinating talk about a modern Red Riding Hood follows.



  • 15.15. It’s Clementine’s and Faye’s turns to present, for the former, a revolutionary vision of Frenchness, and for the latter, questions of cultural authenticity in a picturebook about China by Americans.



  • 17.00. Taxis take us to the seafront for a nice stroll along the harbour. Pictures are taken:



  • 18.00. We head to a restaurant where our childish natures are unleashed by the presence of paper tablecloths and glasses of crayons. Transient works of art are created (more pictures soon).



  • 19.00. Erin confirms that the stock pigeon was killed when she discovers a bullet in her plate. She omits to swallow it.



  • 20.00. Incredible dessert is served. Debbie the Vegetarian is denied chocolate cake, hopes she’s not getting a fruit salad, gets moody, sulks, is given a fruit salad, sulks even more. Is finally granted a slice of the aforementioned cake. Is happy again. The cake is sublime.



  • 21.00. Walk back to hotel through the gardens of the Royal Palace.



  • Now: about to watch a short animation film by Svein Nyhus, Sinna Mann.



  • Good night!


More to come tomorrow!

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