Halloween Special!

By Faye

Pale Face, Panda Eyes, Bloody Mouth and Mr Bandaged in Toilet Rolls had a lot of fun and made a lot of noise on the street. But I am convinced our little Halloween get-together was way more enjoyable. No extreme make-over would be helpful in a game of Charades when one got 1984, or To Kill a Mockingbird anyway. We also played numerous rounds a game that inflicted extreme self-doubt, a game in which one questions “Am I a non-gendered vegetable, but not green, which appears in an animated film in the last 50 years?” I will just call it Am I …? for literal sake.
To capture, share and extend the fun to you all, I drew the above. There are 13 allegories in the image tailored to our taste and expertise. Enjoy. Answers will be announced later. (Note: 2 bonus ones for the ones present at the night’s gathering)


  1. Harry Potter, Phantom Tollbooth, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, The Arrival, Charlotte's Web, The Hunger Games, Where the Wild Things Are, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Twilight. Annnnd…Little Women!

    I can't place the Beet or the Rocket.

    THIS IS AMAZING, BY THE WAY. I claim my bonus points for being in it!


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