Book Lovers’ Biggest Pet Peeves

This week’s blog post is brought to you by Dee Dee Lee, who NEVER bends the book spine!


Do you use bookmarks or dog-ear pages? Before you buy a book in a bookstore, do you inspect every single copy on the shelf and take the most pristine one? Do you judge people by the books they read? Let’s look at some book lovers’ pet peeves and see how many makes you go OMGYES!!! (not ordered in level of annoyance)

  1. Being interrupted while reading


I love my mum but when she tries to tell me about this article that she read earlier while I’m reading, you’ll see murder in my eyes *glare* Why do people think it’s okay to do that? Does reading not look like I’m occupied? I’m not even in this world I’m somewhere else.

  1. Spoilers


There’s your quickest way to ruin a friendship. I remembered waiting in line to pick up my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and this boy in front of me went straight to the end of the book AND THEN TOLD EVERYONE DUMBLEDORE DIED! I can’t even… You know what, I believe in karma.

  1. Books with adapted movie poster on covers


The original cover design is pretty much always better, and we sophisticated lit students analyse the covers as well. Adapted movies tend to boost print book sales but I don’t like the implication that because the book is now a movie, people think it’s worthy of reading. The book is always better!

  1. Stickers on covers
    Have you ever tried to take out a sticker off the cover (even though the little voice in your head told you it’s not a good idea and you still insist) and failed and regretted instantly? I don’t understand why the publishers or bookstores would want to ruin the beautiful cover of a book and tempt me to peel it off.
  1. Purses too small to carry books
    I always carry a book in my bag but sometimes I want to go out with a purse that goes with my outfit but I can’t fit a book in my bag, then I’ll have to decide whether to leave the book at home or use another bag. Tough decisions.

    Or get one of these wood book-clutches and put your stuff in a book. They look so cute!
  1. Hardback first editions
    Personally I prefer paperbacks because they are lighter, smaller and would not kill my shoulders when I carry them around in my bag. Hardback first editions mean I’ll have to either give in or wait at least a year to read the book 😦 The only pleasure of getting a hardback is the comfort of reading larger and more spacious words and opening the book at 180° which allows me to rest it on my desk/lap. 
  1. Spine-benders
    I don’t know how many of you out there does that but I don’t. I like to keep my paperbacks smooth so they look like new. I do look ridiculous when I read though, I would only open my book at an angle no bigger than 90° and have to tilt left/right to read the words towards the centre of the book if you get what I mean. It does get a bit tricky when reading a really thick book but I’ll do whatever I have to to keep the spine unbent.
  1. People who are careless with borrowed books 

    I think this is book lovers’ greatest fear – people borrowing your book and not taking good care of it or never give it back! If I find greasy fingerprints, food/drink stains or dog-eared pages, I might have to unfriend that person. P.S. I only lend my books to non-spine-benders.

  1. People who are careless with books in general
    Have you seen people using books as coasters? I cringe when I see my students lay an open book facing downwards. I’d walk up to them, turn the book over and ask him/her to use a bookmark. Anything can be a bookmark: post-it note, business card, photo, receipt, ruler, pen, ribbon, literally anything. 
  1. Hearing someone say they don’t like your favourite book
    Okay, we can’t talk *walk away* In contrast, when you see someone reading your favourite book, that says something about that person *wink* even better if he’s hot! (check out

The list goes on but I’ll stop here, gotta do this week’s reading. Leave a comment and share with us your bookish pet peeves. Before you go, I just wanted to throw in a couple yoga poses for book nerds because yoga is good for you!



The wise old owl in charge of the blog would like to add her own particular pet peeve: PEOPLE WHO WRITE IN LIBRARY BOOKS (even if it’s in pencil) HAVE A SPECIAL LEVEL OF HELL RESERVED JUST FOR THEM. In it, they can’t say anything, all while someone else says what parts of the book she thinks are important at the top of her voice.

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