Looking for something new? Try podcasts!

Jonathan Tsang is currently studying in the MPhil programme. He is interested in adaptations of children’s texts and also a huge Disney fan.

The hectic 8-week Michaelmas term is finally over, and essays submitted. On the lookout for something new to unwind from the stress? Or something to accompany your long walks to city centre (perfect for a Homerton resident, with an irrational fear of riding on bikes, and perhaps simply too stingy and impatient to go on a bus)? Try podcasts – a perfect dose of non-book nourishment (if there is one).

Here are my favourites:

When you just want to have someone talking…

Hello Internet

 picture1 CGP Grey and Brady Haran, both accomplished YouTube creators with strong opinions, chat about various random things like flags, politics, YouTube drama and dogs.


Dear Hank and John

 picture2 Brothers Hank Green and John Green (of The Fault in our Stars fame) take listener questions and give dubious advice.


Top Four

 picture3 Marco and Tiffany Arment ranks random items in their lives, from pizza toppings to best Star Wars movies.



Or if you’d prefer something with a story…


 picture4 Well-produced and researched series following the trials of Adnan Syed whom many believed to be wrongfully convicted of murder, and Bowe Bergdahl, a war prisoner and army deserter.



 picture5 Looking for hair-raising goosebumps? Aaron Mahnke looks at the scary side of folklore, and blurs the line between truth and myth.



And when you feel like being super niche-y…

 The Pen Addict

picture6 I had no ideas about pens a year ago, but now I’m a proud owner of a sizable pen/ink collection (and a substantially lighter wallet), thanks to Brad Dowdy (read his blog!) and Myke Hurley. Just to brag – I was mentioned for 3 minutes on episode #225.



 picture7 Perfect podcast for those looking to improve their work efficiency and workflow with better use of technology. Hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley.



picture8 For the geeks with a secret obsession with Space, Stephen Hackett and Jason Snell takes you around the solar system and beyond.


And for when you’re hankering for esoteric facts…


picture9 Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley search for ridiculously weird Wikipedia articles (e.g. Spontaneous human combustion) and presents them in a bite-sized snack. (it also has the cute tagline: down the rabbit hole)


Surprisingly Awesome

 picture10 This podcast helps you look at the mundane (like broccoli, pigeons) with a new light.

Damnit, sometimes you just need to hear people enthuse about Harry Potter…

Witch, Please

 picture11 Hosted by amazing witches Hannah McGregor and Marcelle Kosman, this looks into the series from gender perspectives.


Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

 picture12 Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile do a chapter-by-chapter close reading of the series, complete with techniques for reading sacred texts.


Biggest draw of podcasts is THEY ARE ALWAYS FREE! There are just so many shows ranging from the popular to the obscure. Listen to them on your phone or on your laptop – I would recommend going with the free app Overcast on iOS.

Recommendations for other podcasts wanted! Comment below!




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