UCU Strike

We stand in solidarity with UCU strikers picketing against unfair working conditions in British universities.

If you want to know more about why universities are striking, what this means for the future of education, and how the strike might impact you, we recommend reading this FAQ compiled by the Cambridge branch of UCU here: http://www.ucu.cam.ac.uk/2019-strike-faq/

Lucian Stephenson created these illustrations after taking part in the picket at the Faculty of Education here in Cambridge. Lucian is a valued member of the CRCLC who was made redundant earlier this year after an unfair and dehumanising “restructuring” process. We wrote about this in an earlier post here.

You can see more of Lucian’s artwork on his Instagram or Tumblr.

Anyone can show support by joining the picket line outside the Faculty from 9am until 12pm each day. Strike action is set to continue until the 4th of December 2019.

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